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Revitalize Your Smile with Modern Dental Solutions

June 10, 2024

Discover the power of dental implants to restore your missing teeth and bring back your confident smile. While traditional bridges and dentures have their place, dental implants offer a more natural-looking and functional solution for tooth replacement. At Lake Harris Dental, our dedicated staff is committed to helping you find the best options in care.

Embrace the Advantages of Dental Implants

With dental implants, you can enjoy all your favorite foods and speak with ease. Because these artificial roots mimic the function of natural tooth roots, they provide unmatched stability for a wide range of dental prostheses, including crowns, bridges, and even full sets of teeth. For patients who wear dentures, dental implants also offer enhanced comfort and fit while preventing any embarrassing slippage.

A Versatile Solution for Missing Teeth

Single-Tooth Implant

When a single tooth is missing, a dental implant combined with a crown closely resembles a natural tooth. Unlike traditional bridges, which require the preparation and crowning of adjacent teeth, a single-tooth implant stands on its own as a self-supporting and fully functional entity. This innovative solution allows you to regain a complete and attractive smile without compromising the integrity of your other teeth.

Implant-Supported Fixed Bridges

For multiple missing teeth, an implant-supported fixed bridge offers a secure and stable alternative to traditional bridges. Unlike conventional bridges, which rely on adjacent natural teeth for support, this modern approach uses strategically placed dental implants to hold all the necessary crowns and replacement teeth in place. In addition to preserving the health of your remaining teeth, an implant-supported bridge stimulates the surrounding bone tissue to maintain facial contours and prevent further tooth loss.

Full Arch Replacement with Dental Implants

As a more permanent solution than dentures, a complete set of replacement teeth can be supported by four or six dental implants. This advanced technique not only replicates the appearance and function of natural teeth but also eliminates the need for messy adhesives and time-consuming cleaning routines. With a temporary set of teeth placed immediately after surgery and a permanent set to follow, you can enjoy a beautiful, functional smile right away.

Implant-Retained Dentures

For patients who prefer the convenience of dentures but desire increased stability, implant-retained dentures offer an excellent compromise. By attaching to a select number of dental implants in the upper or lower jaw, these specialized dentures provide enhanced comfort and retention while allowing you to smile, speak, and eat with confidence.

If you're ready to explore your options for tooth replacement and achieve a stunning, functional smile, contact our office today. Our experienced team is here to guide you through the process and help you make an informed decision about the best dental solutions for your unique needs.

Existing Patients: (352) 314-2729

New Patients: (352) 460-1844