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One of the hallmark features of an aging face is a loss of midface volume and decreasing definition in the cheekbone area. As the full and pleasing contours of the face diminish over time, fine lines and other signs of aging become more apparent.

The natural, non-surgical solution for more youthful facial contours

The Juvéderm® collection of injectable soft tissue fillers offer a non-surgical solution to restore fuller and aesthetically pleasing facial contours for a more youthful appearance. As comprised of modified forms of hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a naturally occurring substance, Juvéderm injectable fillers are FDA-approved and the number one choice in dermal fillers nationwide.

Specific formulations address different facial areas and imperfections

Each Juvéderm formulation restores and enhances contours in different areas of the face. With Juvéderm hyaluronic gel fillers, we can boost lost volume in the cheeks, smooth facial wrinkles, diminish folds, reduce lines around the mouth, plump the lips, and improve chin profile— all with subtle and long-lasting results.

A single appointment produces immediate results

An appointment for Juvéderm typically takes from fifteen minutes to an hour. The time required all depends on which facial areas are getting treated. With Juvéderm, there’s little to no discomfort. Some formulations are combined with a local anesthetic, with a topical anesthetic applied whenever indicated.

See immediate results!

With Juvéderm, we can help patients instantly subtract years off their appearance. And without any downtime or recovery period required, you can go about your business right after the appointment!

Existing Patients: (352) 314-2729

New Patients: (352) 460-1844